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UX/UI design is a crucial phase in application development. Even if your product has unique powerful functionality it won’t matter for most of the users if they don’t understand how to work with this tool. Moreover, the interface is what forms a user’s first impression of the platform.

Users now are more demanding than ever, they want the software to be cheap, fast, stunning and easy-to-use. The competition between similar applications is extremely severe, therefore companies are gaining advantages by means of introducing free trial periods or adding better servicing facilities, like additional features or user-friendly and easy-to-use design.

The main reason for investing in design: good design can increase conversions from a website! Help your users find what they need. The convenient user interface may build a path for each user to the product or service they are looking for and offer associated goods or services. It is very important that users should not be frustrated because they don’t understand how to complete their tasks in your app or website.

Clear and straightforward calls to action also work on the conversions for both apps and websites. CTA elements should be noticeable, catchy, and at the same time their purpose should be obvious, the user won't be happy if the button he clicked to see products in the special category will lead to the cart or simply main page.


Mifort design team has already created more than 100 stunning user-friendly mobile, desktop and web applications - tell us about your project and we'll fascinate your users together!

UX/UI Design Domains of our Expertise


Mifort design team creates interfaces for web platforms in different domains, but they all have great useability and user-friendly interface.

  • Management systems

  • Websites and landing pages

  • Prototyping of your future app


We design various platforms for communication: messengers, audio/video chats, media portals for sharing news and ideas.

  • Usability research for your custom solution

  • Design for different devices

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