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Turn from a product to a people-focus

Social platforms assume a significant job for most distributors
The individuals who are harnessing the full potential of these platforms are those who understand that in this way they can figure out what should be improved to create the product better. These are the ones who have attempted to comprehend their audience first, and then work out ways how to successfully satisfy their interests and habits.
It's imperative to jump further into the details and investigate the behavior of people who interact with your item.
We have experience in creating marketing intelligent tools to find and analyze accounts and building a social platform for news websites, read below.

Create a Social Platform for articles promoting and profit generation.

The project was written with Micro Services of independent React components. Each of them was created as an npm package and treated like a library that has versioning, git-flow branching strategy, and dependencies on backend versions. In the end, all the components in the packages were included in the main web app that had settings to manage available components. These components were able to create a unique set of features for each particular client.
All the code was covered with unit tests to be sure that the application was always stable. For most newly developed applications it is a standard in software development. We have also used Saas so designers and developers could work much more efficiently and faster on creating stylesheets.
The convenience and functionality of the commenting system affect the engagement of the audience and the number of comments on the site. Markets​ ​and​ ​readers​ ​can​ ​​promote​ ​a​ ​text-based​ ​message​ ​associated​ ​with​ ​an​ ​article called​ ​PPA​(the preproposal article).

Сommenting services provide the following features:
The convenience of authorization to participate in the discussion. There is a balance between the desire of the user to leave a comment as quickly as possible and the need to obtain information about the commentator from the owner of the resource;

  • Engaging the audience in the discussion;
  • Storing of comments. This saves disk space and reduces the load on the site owner’s server;
  • Ability to rate comments;
  • Ability to recommend comments;
  • Expanding audience reached by automatically posting comments on user profiles on social networks;
  • Ability to embed visual content in comments.

Widgets as microservices for comments sections in Blogs. It is a complex web plugin that integrates into news websites or blogs that brings community and advertisement logic to articles. Clients integrate it into the websites and all the users can register, log in, comment on articles, make discussions, achieve ranks, buy special places to put advertisements in comments sections, etc.
Membership tokens are the base of promotion. Authors receive tokens for writing interesting content, marketers buy tokens to place ads. The platform allows us to grow the target audience and create better content.

Thanks to the platform business generate revenue from articles and comments by adding a few lines of code to their website.

Those who are harnessing the full potential of these platforms are those who understand that they need to think in terms of how to connect to people, and not necessarily get straight to their product (in this specific case, their content and news website). These are the ones who’ve worked to understand their audience first, and then work out ways how to successfully cater to their interests and habits.
It’s important to dive deeper into the stats and monitor the behavior of people who interact with your product (your content and news website) across various social media networks.


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