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To create a learning app as a game for learning the Spanish language.


We used HTML5, JavaScript, Foundation, AngularJS, MongoDB, Grunt, Sass, Java.
According to file collectors, we chose Grunt. The program integrates optimizations for Require.js and Google Closure Compiler and allows pre-compilation of Handlebars, Jade, Underscore, Mustache, Eco or Hogan templates. Available plugins for this popular frameworks for testing are Jasmine, Mocha, QUnit and Cucumber.
CSS frameworks are powerful tools that can help simplify the development and design process. Foundation provided us with starter templates to help us to create web projects faster.
Developers created a great metric to measure users’ knowledge of Spanish at every moment. They can track your progress of their current knowledge. Creators of the learning game use this metric to optimize their course for learning speed and already improved it by 150%.

Some people find it very difficult to learn a foreign language. The created app makes the process as fun and engaging as playing a game. Challenges make game engaging but not too much if it is too easy so user can get bored. If it is too hard, people get frustrated.

There is a narrow zone of a comfortable challenge where people feel engaged. There is always stuff you know, stuff you don’t know and stuff you kind of know you quickly get bored with. Users quickly get bored with the staff they know. People can easily get frustrated by the stuff they don’t know. There is stuff people kind of know makes them want to learn more about it.
The application has to dwell on the border of known and unknown. It has a map of knowledge that starts with something trivial and is built on it. New information is added very gradually piece by piece.

The learning game refers back once in a while to make sure that known material is recognized or not recognized in the new context. Every little piece of knowledge is now connected to a vast network which could be mapped to the known unknown and kind of known. Using this network people can guide the learning process keeping between the abyss of boredom and the cliffs of frustration.


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