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A private school turned to Mifort to develop a custom software solution to address the following issues:

  • The school needed a platform that could automate student sorting according to their performance, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in this process as it had a significant number of students, and manually sorting and ranking them based on their performance
  • Manually tracking and managing vast amounts of student data, including curriculum vitae, test results, and progress on each course taken was inefficient, leading to difficulties in identifying and addressing individual student needs
  • Manual processes resulted in delays and inconsistencies in communication, affecting students' preparedness and engagement
  • Students needed a platform to interact with tutors for clarification, assistance, and feedback, while the administration required a seamless way to communicate important updates and announcements to the students

custom eucational software


Team and Timeline

To effectively address the challenges and propose an optimal solution, we formed a dedicated team consisting of a Project Manager2 Frontend Developers, and 2 Backend Developers.

The development process, including the client's onboarding, took 6 months. During this time, we successfully built the minimum viable product (MVP) in just 1.5 months, allowing for early testing and validation of key features before proceeding with further development and refinement. The onboarding program, designed and executed within 2 weeks, ensured a smooth knowledge transition and efficient collaboration between the client and our team.


Team’s Solution

  • Mifort team developed a robust data management system that allowed the private school to store and organize essential information about student profiles, curriculum vitae, test results, and course progress that facilitated easy access to student data, enabling teachers and administrators to make data-driven decisions and provide personalized support to students
  • The software tracked individual student progress and provided insights and recommendations to help students identify areas of improvement and set goals
  • Adaptive learning algorithms were integrated to deliver tailored content and learning paths based on each student's strengths, weaknesses, and learning pace
  • Students, teachers, and administrators could conveniently access the e-learning platform and perform various tasks, such as checking schedules, submitting assignments, and receiving notifications, using their smartphones or tablets
  • The software provided a chat functionality that allowed students to directly communicate with tutors for queries, discussions, and feedback and notify the students and tutors about important updates, announcements, and assignments


Technology Stack

React Native

elearning software


  • The platform reduced the administrative workload time by 8 hours a week, automating student data management processes and streamlining information storage and organization
  • The software implemented adaptive learning algorithms, resulting in improved academic growth and performance by delivering tailored content and learning paths based on each student's unique need
  • The software contributed to about a 20% increase in student satisfaction and engagement through enhanced communication channels, enabling direct interaction with tutors and facilitating clarifications, discussions, and feedback and enhanced mobile accessibility that increased convenience, allowing students, teachers, and administrators to access the e-learning platform effortlessly using their smartphones or tablets, enabling seamless learning experiences

We're proud of the positive impact our software solution has had on this private school's educational journey. If you're interested in learning more about how Mifort can help your institution excel, feel free to reach out!

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