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Our team faced the task to create an online learning system for practicing for passing IELTS tests online.



We coped with the task to create the learning platform using modern technologies and frameworks during the project very quickly. We created the website with JS and attributes of JS: Node.js, ExpresJS, PhantomJS, Angular, Gulp, and PM2. We created the design and layout very quickly using HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap. MySQL was used for creating the database. Using Docker helped us to deliver software in packages. Gulp allowed us to spend less time coding for similar tasks which increases the productivity of our developers. Result evaluation became easier and users are supported with online tests and materials to get better results. 


IELTS is a very popular test to prove and document English skills. This testing is world standard, therefore, the results of testing are recognized all over the world. It is used for admission to higher education establishments in foreign countries and for applying for a job if it is necessary to communicate with English-speaking customers or managers. As obtaining a certificate is significant because it gives broad perspectives, the learning platform becomes relevant in order to better prepare for this test.

The key features of the website are firstly providing materials for preparation and secondly integration by an online registration system with testing centers where certificates can be received.  An individual approach is applied by teachers for every registered user thanks to subscriptions created by our developers. In addition to this, users can find other people preparing for IELTS on social networks. Admins of the website actively promote accounts on social networks. New posts are useful for continuous learning. Links to social networks mean the possibility to make friends with other users and, therefore, practice communication with real people. 

Users can click on the item named “IELTS Listening” in the header menu and practice listening. There are some samples of listening tests, every test includes 40 questions divided into sections according to the type of question. Questions of sections sometimes are divided into subgroups. It’s possible to download records and listen to them offline. 

The same thing goes for reading.

As for writing and speaking parts the website gives keywords for the most popular topics.

Thank our business analytics the site includes many auxiliary things for learning English. Users do not need to open another site to count the words of their essays as there is a word counter. Also, the platform provides a calculator of results to better understand the general level of skills and knowledge. The calculator consists of four indicators that reflect the results of writing, listening, reading, and speaking. The system automatically counts points for each correct answer. Moreover, global search on the site makes it possible to search very quickly. Users do not have to search for something on every page and be not sure that they miss the required words of search. 

In order to make the users better prepared for the test and get excellent results, the site provides a list of books for preparation available for download. 

The platform became very useful for learning English and preparing for world tests. 


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