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We were given to create a project of building infrastructure management, which would be useful for such companies as Reagan National Airport, Toyota, Kindred Healthcare, Goodyear Tire, Rubber Company and etc. 



Used technologies and frameworks on the project: HTML5, CSS3, Sass, Angular 2, and Cordova. The website design layout is made with HTML5 and CSS3. The size of our code decreased by 60% with Angular2. Saas which stands for software as a service provides ready software for the most popular tasks. It is a cloud solution, i.e. located on Internet servers. Cordova allows writing less code. 

The business analyst came up with an easy-to-use interface so that learning about how to use the program is not required. Moreover, there are some pleasing bonuses, for instance, a book on building management for free after registration. 

This project allowed our customers to save 15% of the estimated spending on the building and increase productivity by 50%. In this regard, we can say that our developers achieved the business goal of the project. 


It is a project for buildings infrastructure management. Thanks to the software paper documentation is not required to manage electrical and mechanical infrastructure. Risks are reduced thanks absence of paper records, especially inaccurate and old paper documents. Moreover, users can avoid loss of data thanks to the computer system. Employees are more responsible for their decisions and actions in this system. Members of a team are accountable for the work. Directors and managers can review the work in a few clicks at any time, 24/7. The project is applied in manufacturing, schools, medical, governmental, and transportation fields and is used by famous companies like Reagan National Airport, Toyota, Kindred Healthcare, Goodyear Tire, Rubber Company and etc. 

The project makes teams smarter. Accessible platforms are desktop and mobile platforms. The advantages of the system are the common work of the employees on the project, better flow of documents between employees, a better search of documents everything without any difficulty, and the opportunity to use it offline when the connection is bad, then the system will synchronize all changes. The offline mode in the mobile app is the main feature of the created app.

The price on the website is dependent on the following criteria: the amount of members, the amount of time spent in the system by the members of the team. The price varies depending on some less significant criteria regarding functionality. 



This project is very useful for buildings infrastructure management. Our developers coped with the task successfully.



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