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Create six tools to manage crypto assets, within one interface:
     1. Trading tool to make “smart” orders: once the price takes a turn for the worse, the tool must complete orders for you while you are away. If the stop price is reached, the stop-limit order becomes a limit order to buy or sell at the limit price or better.
     2. Automated trading bots.
     3. Signal tools to analyze Crypto changes in the market every second in order to identify the best trading opportunities.
     4. Arbitrage tool to track price differences and provide users with the information. It should show where the price is lower in the market to buy .currencies and where users can make a profit by selling where the price is higher.
     5. Portfolio as a real-time overview of a user’s balance, trades, and overall performance.
     6. Demo to gain experience in using the platform with free demo cryptocurrencies.



Team: 8 developers. 
We created a platform for Crypto assets management: trading, bots, arbitrage, and signals. We also implemented a high-complexity responsive layout from Zeplin mockups for all screen resolutions. Despite its many features, the platform has a user-friendly interface. It looks simple at first glance and has many advanced features.
As for the trading tool, we developed

  • The trading terminal.
  • 100+ most popular indicators.
  • 12 customizable chart types.
  • Day and night modes.

We used a GRID system to develop the platform, a grid that allowed us to build many levels of purchases and sales.
The following step of the development was setting bots. Users can set a bot strategy with a few clicks and get bot performance reports.
We also have developed signal tools to analyze over 10 000 crypto changes in a second at the platform. The smart developed decision shows coins with the highest growth potential in the list.
The price differences were created so users can get profit using the tool which demonstrates the lowest prices to buy and the highest prices to sell. We created the integration with more than 25 exchanges using API technology.
The user’s actions are accurately tracked as we used Blockchain Technology.


The platform has a set of standard security features that are common for any trading bot service. The platform also provides multiple features and services that access sensitive information from user accounts.
To ensure a secure login process we have added two-factor authentication (2FA). In addition, we have other measures that ensure that intruders cannot gain access to users’ funds.



The platform has been on the market for over a year. We have been developing this project for more than a year. Currently, the project is developing by adding new features. With Scrum's way of working we kept the Platform live for the whole developing phase. Over the year that we worked on it, we released 9 versions and now we continue with adding new features.
The platform is widely recognized and took first place as a cryptocurrency trading bot in 2020 according to a big online media publisher.

  • Due to the outsourcing team’s scalability and diverse expertise In the next 2.5 years, we have built a system that uses trading bots that does multiple millions of transactions monthly and generates revenue for the Customers
  • Together we implemented both Desktop and Mobile support serving 80K Traders monthly


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