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When you decide to build an application for your business, you face a reasonable question: is it more effective to open your own development department or choose outstaffing. Let’s have a look at its pros and cons.



In-house in the Netherlands

Outstaffing with Mifort

1. Employment conditions

An employee works on-site full-time.

An employee works full-time remotely from our office under your management but is ready for business trips if required. 

2. Hiring new employees

You have to find, interview, train, motivate your employees and be ready to pay for their vacation and sick leave.

All the recruitment process is on our side but under your full control.

3. Offer Acceptance Time

up to 60 days

from 7 to 21 days

4. Ongoing Support

You pay for HR position, and if you need associated services (like project management, design, business analysis) you have to start one more recruitment campaign to find those resources.

These expenses are on our side: we have HR department to manage our staff and a team of experts in different spheres and domains to help you with prototyping, design, business analysis, project management, and development operations. So it’s free of charge for you.

5. Team Motivation (corporate events, training programs, positive workplace environment, etc.)

You have to take care of that.

On our side. We do everything possible for the highest motivation and skills development of our team.

6. Communication

Personally in the office.

We value your time: communication could be via voice and video chats or messengers. We use all modern tools to keep you updated: Slack, Skype, Hangouts, etc. If required we can set up a business trip, to talk face-to-face.

7. Employee Replacement

You have to pay the amount equal to several monthly salaries of the employee you fire and start the whole hiring process again.

We have teams of professionals of different levels, expertise, and technology stack, so we are ready for employee replacement with no fines for you.

8. Vacation days

from 28 days

24 days

9. Legal

Official employment.

We sign a contract and may sign the NDA even before starting the project. All the code written by our team is owned by you.

10. Calculating costs per year

€50 000 – average annual salary

€35 000 – average annual salary

Holiday allowance

In the Netherlands, it is 8% of the annual salary – €4 000



Employer social security contributions, 18% of employee’s salary

€9 000

Office supplies: computer – €1000, required software – €500)

€1 500

Office rental, 10-15 m2

€3 500

Office furniture, stationery, etc.

€3 000

Recruitment fee – 25% of employee's annual salary

€12 500

Total annual cost

€83 500

€35 000



€48 500 annually, including human resource management, training, and motivation


Outstaffing model is more profitable than hiring specialists yourself because it is much cheaper and you don’t have to think about working space, vacations, sick days and recruitment, you just target the team to success of your business.


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