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Metasearch system for traveling 

In today's world, travel has become more and more accessible. Travelers want to get the most relevant information about their hotel and ticket options in the shortest amount of time, that is why an increasing number of people are relying on metasearch engines now when exploring their possibilities. But what is a metasearch system? A metasearch system is a search engine that, unlike classical search engines, does not have its own database and its own search index, but generates search results by mixing and re-ranking search results from other search engines. Submitting multiple queries to several other search engines expands the coverage of the available data on the topic and allows you to find more information. Metasearch uses indexes collected by other search engines, aggregating and often refining results in its own unique ways. A metasearch engine has an advantage over a single search engine because the user will get more results for the same effort. This reduces the amount of work when users enter queries into different systems separately to search for resources.

Metasearch engines represent a huge opportunity for hotels as the easier travelers can find and book your hotel the better for a hotel. In addition to that, metasearch combines the digital marketing and distribution efforts of a hotel. Metasearch engine presents as a booking channel and an environment to advertise your hotel.

Metasearch system has been a growing digital marketing trend for quite some time now. The past four or five years have witnessed the rise of metasearch systems. The last 12 months have seen an especially rapid rise. Websites that use Searx are gaining ground on travel online agencies, and innovating in the process, and are gaining popularity among travelers and hotel guests. Here are some examples of search engine sites: Trivago, Kayak, Skyscanner, TripAdvisor, and even Google have all developed metasearch engine tools.

How can metasearch management software improve profitability and efficiency?

- Attract new customers. Metasearch users are open to new experiences and are interested in finding the accommodations and tickets that best meet their needs. Metasearch engine attracts additional traffic.

- Advertisement for your business. When a user finds information about your hotel, airline your business gains customer trust. This gives the opportunity to build significant relationships and incentivize direct bookings instead of relying on a reseller or travel agency.

- Marketing Effectiveness. Metasearch is one of the most effective digital acquisition channels. A well-managed metasearch campaign will improve the value of your digital marketing investment, increase efficiency, and deliver a solid reliable return on your advertising spend.

What makes metasearch management software great?

Critical to the success of your metasearch system is knowing how much to spend, where to spend, and being able to make changes and adapt as dynamics change. Excellent metasearch management software can help increase direct bookings, increase return on advertising investment, and increase revenue. 

Globally, the drive to stay relevant raises several key metasearch business challenges: protecting geographic coverage, generating revenue, and optimizing performance. All of this has one goal: to guarantee the highest quality of customer service. With travelers using the internet more than ever to search and book, it is important to work toward a strong online presence for your business. Mifort developed over 40 metasearch projects for research and bookings tickets, reservation hotels, hostels, and apartments. We have successfully created projects with metasearch engines from scratch for customers from the USA, Switzerland, Norway, and Germany. We work with companies to deliver large-scale transformational projects and implement key digital tools and solutions for your business.


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