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How to create the Best Movie Apps for streaming movies?

Technologies are changing and growing up so fast and the user's requirements for them are developing just as quickly. This is especially true for films, cartoons, and TV series. We don't want to see movies if they download slowly or the movie picture is in poor quality or there are few films in the application that corresponds to our interests. We were faced with the following task: creating a movie, cartoons, and TV series web application.

First of all the application was immediately designed for more than 1,000,000 films and series in different qualities for various TV formats, as well as adapted for a mobile application. It was obligatory for the customer to analyze the categories of watched films to improve their application and download films according to user preferences.


To create an application that can download a large number of films, the search engine works in several languages at once, without ads, downloads a high-quality picture in different formats, both for TV and for a phone, the ability to create a family account, the ability to collectively watch films, follow trends and user preferences and make recommendations, the ability to pause viewing, fix the position of the unseen video and return to it later, at any time convenient for you.


The Mifort team took the DLE engine, downloaded a ready-made template, and hung up the module from moonwalk.

It was based on bootstrap, an idea for the design from megogo. For better performance, a bundle of Nginx + Apache was installed on the server, where Nginx was responsible for the entire site, and Apache was only responsible for the site API. The site API works with MySQL while caching responses using Memcache. We decided to do authorization and registration through firebase.

We have worked hard to make our movie-watching app as convenient as possible for users. We studied a number of competitors' apps, determined our strategy and direction. Now users have access to all the functions for comfortable viewing: pause, rewind, playlist formation, voice, and text chat, it is possible to watch online videos together with the highest level of synchronization. 

Further, there was an important question with a large exchange of data. It took us most of the time, but thanks to large expertise in database integration, the Mifort team found a quick solution.

Then there was a very interesting analytical part based on the taste predictions of the users: 

  • New movies 
  • "My cinema", "Shop", "I will watch" and "My purchases". In the "My Cinema" section you can find films or TV series available with your subscription, and in the "Store" you can buy individual titles or rent them. If you click on the bookmarked icon on the page of a movie or TV series in the cinema, the title will appear in the "I will watch" section. All purchases in the Store are automatically visible in My purchases.
  • What the user liked and added to favorites, for example, by genre, by type of movie, by country, etc.
  • Ratings and reviews. Users should be able to rate channels, movies, and TV programs so that they can form their ratings according to the opinions of other users. 
  • collect data of the requested films so that one of the most interesting films for users would appear on the site. 

The essentials of high-quality video streaming services. These are the key characteristics of video streaming:

  • It is possible to start playback at any point of the video without having to wait for the full download. Playback is almost immediate.
  • Bandwidth saving because only the video that is being watched (plus a small buffer) is transferred to the users. 
  • Better protection for your videos, because the video file is not stored in the users´ computer; therefore, it is more difficult to copy.

Mifort team has made online video and audio streaming possible through a wide range of technologies:

  • HTTP download. 
  • HTTP progressive download, which allows end-users to view a video before the download has completed, with the stream continuing in the background. 
  • Support for the playback of multiple file types, including high definition media, H.264/AAC, MP4, MOV, MKV, WMV, and many more
  • P2P delivery, which facilitates the delivery of video files between end users’ computers, preventing server and network bottlenecks whilst further improving download speeds

On this project, a team consists of 7 people: 2 Frontend developers, Quality Assurance, 3 Backend Developer, and Project Manager. The development of the project took us 6 months. First of all, the application is very easy and simple to use. A pretty good and easy-to-use interface allows the user to find everything they need rather quickly and without problems. Plus, users can run different accounts on the application, create catalogs, upload videos, and customize the application to suit their own tastes and desires. There are sоme other functions that we include in our application:

- The application will work by subscription for a month, the ability to choose films according to preference, there will be a proposal of films based on what you like, the broadcast of new products.  Payment methods: PayPal; Google Play engine; App Store engine.

- The application was written using all the modern technologies. The frontend developers use Vue, Vuetifyjs, VueDPlayer, Axios, and the Backend use Java, Spring Framework, MySQL, AWS. Testing consisted of two parts: automatic and manual. 

- The video player has all the basic functions for managing and configuring media content and supports HLS to ensure the best video quality when viewed on mobile devices. In addition, we have made a simple, pleasant, and understandable design. In application, several stream qualities are available to users for example 480p, 720p, 1080p, 4p, 8k  the system will provide a seamless change in the video playback quality following the available bandwidth of the Internet connection or at the request of the user himself. How this works is easy to notice on YouTube when you change the video quality.  

- Multi-screen compatibility. The app screen and broadcast video will automatically adjust to fit the device's screen. In addition, it needs automatic top/bottom detection. 

- Offline browsing. This feature allows the user to record and download media content to their device to watch later without an internet connection and additional effort. 

- Data security. DRM and AES encryption and IP-based access control help protect video data from hackers and other intruders. 

- Enhanced social media integration. For example, a user can, with a couple of clicks, make a post on Facebook, which will include the logo of the series, the description, and the time of the next episode.

- Advanced streaming features. Users can add features such as screen sharing, splitting video across multiple screens, or enabling 3D mode.

- Push notifications. We've created push notifications to reach out to customers and tell them about all upcoming releases and new recommendations, new episodes of their favorite shows.

- Multilingual support. Our application can recognize the system language of the user's device and change its language accordingly.

- Recommendations. These can be recommendations for different genres of films. For example, if a user often watches comedy, the system will recommend that movie genre to the user. 


Every year, more and more people abandon their cable and satellite TV for good and subscribe to streaming services that bring them great content whenever they want it. 

We created a comfortable application for watching the movie. In the application, you can find both russian and foreign films for every taste. For convenience, the application has sections by genre such as: "fantasy", "science fiction", "sports'', "horror", "adventure", "documentary" and others. To install the application, you only need a small free memory on your phone. Movies can be added to Favorites to watch later. Simple and intuitive interface, convenient sorting of films by genre, playback starts quickly enough when you return to the film after a pause, the broadcast starts immediately, without additional advertising, films are added daily. After the update, a system message arrives. Mifort team used a cross-platform approach that allows the team to work simultaneously on both versions: for Android and iOs. We create many different functions for comfortable use such as multi-screen compatibility, data security, offline browsing, enhanced social media integration, advanced streaming features, ratings and reviews, recommendations for comfortable use, and watching the movie. Our teams have the best  expertise developers that allow us to deliver an excellent service for our clients/



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