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In modern information-oriented society business processes undergo a number of sufficient changes. Employees act as an essential resource and the competitive advantage of IT-industry. This natural transformation rests a crucial responsibility upon Human Resources Management in observing labour market and workforce capacity from the perspective of Business orientation and its mission.

Well-run Human Resource Processes maximize Employee’s performance and the whole organization potential. Those processes should be almost invisible to most employees if they are well-established.

Benjamin Franklin used to say: “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

The quotation is applicable to the HR as never before. HR sets really ambitious goals — to bring innovation management procedures to meet both business objectives and employee expectations. All high ideas require very careful performance planning, which leads to creating HR Strategy.

Let's distinguish 5 commonly accepted directions of HR Strategies:

1. Development & training strategies

2. Partnership strategies

3. Outsourcing strategies

4. Recruitment strategies

5. Reestablishing strategies

Those strategies represent highly diverse approaches in the politics of Human Resource Management.

Restructuring strategy — reorganizing work units and reorganizing tasks to optimize workloads.

Recruitment strategy — looking for all the options for promoting job openings and encouraging suitable candidates to apply.

Outsourcing strategy — hiring independent resources.

Collaboration strategies — establishing mutually beneficial relations with educational institutions.

All the trend described concentrate on the separate facets of Human Resource process. As a rule, they are presented in the particular company’s strategy in different proportion with the priority of one or two separate direction.


When working on HR Strategy one should take into consideration the following notions:

1. Setting Long-term Goals

A notion ‘Strategy’ should answer the question ‘Where will the company be in the upcoming years?’ — so strategy is always interconnected with a long term period. Replying to the question HR Manager should consider that no company can be best in everything on the account of limited resources. It is the reason presupposing choosing a focus, priorities in the company's politics supporting its strengths in the professional field.

2. Current Employees

HR Manager looks at the current employees from the point of view of the business objectives that the stuff meets. Companies contribute to Talent Development and Training practices in order to improve performance, build up expertise and form labour pool. They apply Retention and Compensation measures. The measures are employed for creating best conditions to get best results. At the same time HR Manager should pay attention to estimate both demand and supply, which has to do with estimation which skills employees require to get in the future and how labour community changes or is expected to change in the near future.

3. Organizational Corporate Culture

HR Managers aim to cultivate high performance-corporate culture. Such type of culture values creativity and innovation. It motivates and engages workforce and introduces the best ideas into Management. Unfortunately, without proper guidance unregulated processes of shaping Corporate Culture may potentially contribute more negative side effects than performance improvement and psychological atmosphere in the company.

After the observation of the points HR Manager will be able to look at the organizational unit more objectively and offer changes at the right moment. Such changes should be overviewed and updated on a regular basis.

In conclusion, Human Resource plans is a must for the modern business. Strategic HR planning is an important component the strategic plan of any organizational unit. High-performance organization always has excellent HR Management practices and procedures in place. Observing Human Resources strategically is supplying crystal clear results for Business Development.


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