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Technology doesn't always work. That is the problem, that scares most managers. Everything seems easy at first: you have some products, services, solutions, they function perfectly on their own. But they can cause operational disorder if they are combined hit or miss. This depends on the amount of technologies of a particular company: a business implements plenty of technologies — systems evolve into even more sophisticated ones — they are likely to cause huge troubles in the nearest future. Here business process automation (BPA) can save the company.


What is business process automation?

Business Process Automation is a method which puts complex, simple and difficult tasks into a sleek, self-acting system. It simplifies workflow, as it applies less technology to do equal operations, at the same time it makes processes not so complicated and more valuable. BPA mainly aims at completion of tasks automatically in order to save company’s time and money. This in its turn raises productivity enabling employees to concentrate on their job.

Automation gives us plenty of possibilities such as productivity and performance increase, improvement in client management, the best possible usage of employees’ expertise, accountability increase, increased company savings, improvement of forecasting and planning.


1. Enhance Productivity & Efficiency

Machines never get sick, pregnant, depressed or tired, they don’t need pauses or vacations. They also do fewer mistakes, their stability, as long as predictability, is much higher than human. Aren’t machines the best workers?!

They are perfectly made for doing monotonous, routine assignments. Computers diminish misunderstandings, manual failures, disorganization which may sometimes be produced by human restraints.

Also, automation excludes time, wasted by workers on queues or distribution of inquiries and papers to other departments.


2. Boost Client Management

Process automation makes many operations go fluently and focused on your clients' needs more efficiently. Automation contributes up-to-date communication pattern which usually provides updates on client’s requests. It accomplishes not only valuable documentation, but also information collection. It is especially useful if your business is customer service-related since it phases out necessity in continual follow-ups. Communication can be tremendously recovered for these updates can easily be sent to a customer’s email by a machine.


3. Use Workforce Skills Better

This means that employees can devote much more time to more crucial, less administrative tasks. Automation gives an opportunity to establish employees’ skills to better use. Workers would be happy to spend less time on routine. You can use the time they waste while being stuck doing repeated tasks on training or to take care of other work which is profitable for the company.


4. Increase Accountability

In addition to speeding up working process, automated systems also allow executives better control and supervise company workflow. It facilitates increased visualization because business owners are updated and included in a conversation automatically, even being out of office. With machines being in-charge of smaller jobs, a manager can always track the workflow on a particular project and see lagging employee or department.


5. Multiply Savings

Automated workflow is a great opportunity for a company to save some money. Machines complete tasks faster — company revenue grows, so business increases savings. It prevents human errors, leaves fewer chances to repeat the same tasks. Moreover, you can also cut corners on office goods, such as paper, ink, etc.


6. Upgrade Forecasting & Planning

It helps to collect and update company performance data. Machines can track client’s information, filed requests quantity, approved requests, number of delivered products, amount of received complaints. This information might be helpful in strategic planning, following business direction, building plans for future.


Implementation of Business Process Automation requires seed funding and some time for employees to adapt. But it definitely is worth it, since the increase of productivity, performance quality, client experience, savings, and resource management will bring you much more profit in the future.


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