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Rental management, flight booking, pet walking services, food, and delivery apps – they all need typical solutions like cost calculation, appointment booking forms, payment systems, admin panels, etc. Our team has already developed and customized such solutions on dozens of our customers' projects and we want to show you the examples of our work below and demonstrate how those user interface elements could be implemented.


Popular JavaScript frameworks like Angular and React are made for complex calculations and management of data and views on the client side. They help to build complicated logic of calculating prices, applying discounts, managing clients and appointments. These features make your website or app more dynamic and work very fast because the code of these features is executed right in your browser without wasting time on responses from the server. Which also makes the development process faster, as it requires only frontend job.


Calculate cost

In most cases, it is better to implement cost calculation on the frontend side using JavaScript – it allows you to make complex calculations faster without loading the server. A classic way to count costs based on user choices is a form with fields like date, time, service type, project duration, contact data. Also, we can add custom design elements to make this form look more customer-friendly. Here is an example of an interactive dynamic form on our website:


cost calculator


It’s a 5-step form, that asks potential customers about the project type, the stage of the project to understand the scope of work to be done, project length in months and an open field for project description and attachments.

If a user sets the project stage as “In Progress”, it means that something is already done on it. In this case, we add one more step: choosing the required specialists among the experts we have.

We enjoy long-term projects, so to speed up the progress we provide a project manager free of charge. If a user chooses a project duration longer than 6 months, we show a notification that in this case, we include a Project Manager to the team free of charge. And if the partnership is longer than 1 year – our clients get a Quality Assurance Engineer and a Project Manager as well free of charge.

Then using JavaScript formulas we simply multiply the project length by the sum of the required team members rates and show the result to our user.

This is an example of how conditional logic could be implemented on the frontend, you can check it here.


Booking & Reservation Management

We have projects in restaurant, rental, delivery, event management spheres and all their customers want to implement booking management – because it is a perfect way to save the time of your employees on answering the phone, save paper and money on other management and analytics systems. When a client sees the available time, services and their cost, it is more transparent for them, as well as easier for you to manage reservations and gather statistics.

For example, one of our projects is a restaurant reservation management system. In the system, you can search the restaurants nearby (or filter them), rate, make reservations. Moreover, the system has a custom restaurant rating algorithm, which was efficiently implemented by means of JavaScript.


restaurant reservation


To make a table reservation a user needs to select a number of places at the table, date and a preferable time. Then the platform shows the available time slots at the specified time or around it.

Our customer also required an admin panel, where the restaurant managers could see the reservations and modify them, edit restaurant info (description, opening hours, menu, photos).

Using JavaScript we can make platforms with any custom logic for booking and reservation management in any field you need: restaurant reservations, entertainment booking, rental management, food delivery.


Complex management solutions

Our team has experience building complex management solutions, like product lifecycle management, call center management, human resource management, etc.

JavaScript frameworks like Angular and React enable us to develop custom modules for various purposes and reuse them in any part of the application.

The following project is a time management system for enterprise use, where you can log your working time and send the timesheets to a manager.  Meanwhile, your manager can download it in a suitable format and raise an invoice.

Time logging is available in several modes, allowing you to choose the most efficient for your working process. We’ve strived to make the platform convenient for managers, who need to draw invoices according to the time worked on the project. The system allows you to manage employees load on a project, gives a manager possibility to approve timesheets, provides several types of timesheet export and shows graphics, tables and other analytical UI elements for employee efficiency monitoring and reporting.

The platform is also convenient for the employees: you can add integrations with different messengers, IDEs and source control systems, to track time automatically!

Overall, the system is highly customizable, so that each company could shape it the way they like it. Try it yourself here.


timesheet management


We can definitely say that with the latest technical stack (JavaScript, Angular, React, Node.js, React Native, Ionic) – every idea, every market demand is possible to be implemented on the highest quality level. We can definitely say that with the latest tech stack our team of designers, developers, and managers can easily implement any idea at the highest standards. With us impossible is nothing! 


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