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At home now better than in restaurants. Become  Chef with mobile app. 

Do you like delicious food? but isn't there always a good restaurant nearby? or maybe you want to cook like a chef? Believe it or not, we have a solution for everyone! After a long time, we present our new project - a culinary app where you are going to come across dozens of great recipes with full instructions, step by step with photos and videos. It will help you match the ingredients you have at your disposal with many recipe ideas to get you rolling. If you are collaborating with other cooks you can share your recipes, too. It’s a wonderful way to build a knowledge base and keep track of the inspirations that hit you in the kitchen. After all, with the help of a small and convenient device, into which useful applications are uploaded, anyone will be able to comprehend all the subtleties of culinary masterpieces - from the simplest to gourmet dishes.


Mifort team has done tremendous analytical work and found out what functions are most important for users in the culinary application and created one application that includes everything for the convenience and comfort of users. Mifort team was faced with a difficult task:

  • In one application to create recipes from 15 cuisines of the world, with convenient searches and translation into several languages. 
  • When we thought about the application, we wanted to collect recipes not only from chefs but also masterpieces of dishes passed down from generation to generation, recipes, and know-how of housewives. 
  • Also, our task is to create an application with a pleasant, intuitive interface and a large amount of memory. With the ability to tag and assign categories to recipes for easy search. 
  • Saving the recipe with a photo or video, as it is important for users to see the final result of the dish, and will also be a good plus for beginners. 
  • The application must be international, i.e. several languages ​​for searching. 
  • To develop a convenient search in the application, set a timer.
  • Create a personal account where users can add favorite dishes, comment on other dishes, and rates them, to check the parameters of a dish as nutritional value, the content of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, and other tricky things.


Our team developed a personal account that allows you to add and save your favorite dishes to your "Favorites" and add culinary ideas you like to your profile. 

With the help of this application, users can cook according to the instructions with step-by-step recommendations and photos, or according to video recipes with tips. Regardless of the option chosen, the result will be excellent. The application helps to learn to cook, to improve the skills worked out over the years. 

Mifort team developed an application working in 3 languages:

  • English, 
  • German,
  • Spanish. 

There is a free version and there is a paid version of the application. The program can be used without access to the Internet - it is useful if you cook outdoors or in the country. Also, the app has a calendar where you can make a meal plan for a week or a month. The application is very nice with a beautiful interface without ads and intrusive offers to buy the premium version. It is suitable for any age and has a friendly interface. With the help of this application, people can share recipes around the world and break language barriers.  Recipes are added here by users, which you can subscribe to, comment on their culinary creations, and even send them private messages. It contains many recipes from chefs and also from housewives. Our app has over 1000+ receipts more than 15 world cuisines and we are always expanding our menu with apps functionality. 

Mifort creates this app in React Native. React Native is a JavaScript library that allows app developers to create an application that looks, feels, and performs closely like a Native application. The Backend was written in Python and Django and  Frontend in React Native.  For the Database, we chose PostgreSQL as the best balance between performance, scalability, and reliability. Mifort team uses the same fundamental UI building blocks as regular iOS and Android apps. On this project, we’re working 2 developers, quality assurance testing, and a project manager. Mifort created this application in 9 months. It working in both Android and iOS.  

Miford team has developed a mobile application in React Native, which allows you to look for recipes by filters (categories):

“World cuisines”

"The best breakfasts and snacks",

"Hearty dinners", 

"Dishes for vegans"

"Favorites recipes"


“Main dishes”




"My recipes"

"Meat recipes"

"Fish recipes"

If you already know what you want to cook, for example, soup or salad, then you can use the filters in the application. Choose a category, specificity, cuisine, cooking time, calorie content, or cooking method and choose a new method of cooking an already known dish. With a couple of taps, you can find dishes that contain a special ingredient or that belong to a particular cuisine.

An interesting app that has an entertaining Shake'n'Cook function. It works like this: you find what ingredients you have in your fridge, mark them in the search, and then shake your phone. And the program shows what can be prepared from all this.

Another trick is photographing the ingredients. Take a picture of the product, shake it, and the program will tell you what it is and what can be prepared from it.

An even cooler feature of My CookBook is the ability to save recipes from any site in the browser, for example, from Lifehacker. Just hit Share, select My CookBook, and the recipe will be styled and added. That's it, no more unnecessary actions.

Every user has his own personal account where all information about taste preferences or allergies is stored. By this, we solved the problem of allergy sufferers by comparing data or vegetarians. What you need to do is insert the required data into the application so that you receive future recommendations based on your requirements.

Mifort developed a very fast and convenient search in the application, entered the name - got the recipe for the dish. When you search, recipes are given by rating. May suggest several similar recipes.

An interesting feature from the developers, these are subscribers and subscriptions, it works very similarly to the functionality of Instagram. You subscribe to famous and popular chefs that you liked and in your feed, there will be all the innovations that these people cook and you will not miss anything. The technical part of our application is also similar to Instagram as it was written in React Native too. 

Another convenient option offered by the program is recording your culinary masterpieces. You can prepare your unique dish and add it to the application and after taking a photo or video.  Since the app allows users to add their recipes, there are tons of options from all over the world. Add new recipes and share them with friends, the application is built on the principle of social networks - you can post photos of cooked dishes, put likes, leave comments.

It is especially good that on a separate tab you can see such parameters of a dish as nutritional value, the content of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, and other tricky things that will be useful to athletes and those who are on a diet.

It is useful that a timer is built into the program so that you do not get confused about exactly what and how long to cook or fry. Just tap its icon next to the next step, set the time, and click "Save".


Do you want to have your favorite cuisines at home without fly somewhere far or without going to the restaurant? What happens if you forget the name of your favorite spice? Or forget how to cut the courgettes properly - the whole dish will not be the same. For such cases, Mifort develops such an application.

  • The app has a personal account where you can put your preferences and the system will show you recipes that meet all your requirements
  • Have filter for recipes (categories)
  • Subscribers and subscriptions. A very similar system to Instagram. You subscribe to famous and popular chefs and always see notifications.
  • The application will provide you with thousands of recipes of different world cuisines and different versions of the same recipe made by many people that will allow you to discover new boundaries of taste.
  • Now you can organize your grocery store without forgetting anything. If you have favorite recipe sites, you can download them from there via this app.
  • Tired of keeping track of the ingredients you bought? The app will tell you if the ingredients you have are still edible or not.
  • Сalendars to create your meal plan - for a week or a month.
  • Possibility to change languages 
  • You can leave feedback on recipes and rate them
  • Save your favorite dishes and make a menu of all items. 
  • The application is also extremely handy while cooking, as you can highlight the step you are currently on and focus on the process.
  • The problem with measurements will also be solved - you can define the size of the ingredients in the settings and therefore adjust the serving size. 
  • If you don't know how to cook you can see the video and photos of each step

Our team has made the application with a user-friendly interface. The application has everything you need: dividing dishes by categories, rating of dishes, the ability to comment, photos and videos of dishes and the process of their preparation, calendar and meal plan, and many other additional functions that will make this application as convenient as possible to use. If you want to develop an application Mifort is ready to help you. 


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